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This work has been made in February 2015, in Phnom Penh Province - Cambodia.

Since 1997 Cambodia has been the "El Dorado" for the garnement industry many brands where attracted by the low cost workers and a massive migration from countryside to town fed the industry workforce needs.

The 24th of April 2013, in Dacca, Bangladesh, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed killing officially 1 135 workers due to the bad condition of the building. Some brands decided to move their activity in Cambodia which did benefit of a better public image in the international community.

In January 2014, a non organized strike began in the north of the Phnom Penh Province. Workers where asking a new evaluation of their salary and better work conditions.
The government sent the army which did shoot the crowd.

One year after, with the help of the Cambodian Labor Confederation and a local journalist Yann Defond, I decided to do portraits of workers who are struggling for the human rights in the factories which employ 700 000 workers.

I decided to divert the advertisement esthetic used by the main brands working there (H&M, Zara, Puma, GAP...) to figure those courageous people instead of fashion models .

Posters have been displayed during several festival in France in the public spaces to warn the consumer about the situation in Cambodia.
I displayed a flash-code on the posters which allows the public to enter the daily life of the workers and listen the interview of one of the most ancient garnement workers in Phnom Penh Province. She is a link between workers associations and owners of factories.

the work has been shown during the festival Les Rencontres d'Arles, special mention by Fisheye mag., published in the national daily newspaper Libération in France.
Public Portraits has been also exhibited in HASY gallery in France (www.hasy.fr)